Management development centre in brief
The Management development centre (MDC) was established in 1965, as joint project between the government of Sudan (GOS), UNDP (special fund) and the International Labour Organization ILO. The overall aim of its inception was to assist in the raising of the standards of management at ll levels in both public and private sectors, with the purpose of increasing productivity.
In 1978, the MDC became an autonomous body, and was attached to the minister of labour and administrative reform.
The MDC has a governing board consists of management practitioners, academicians, managers from industrial, commercial, and community development areas.
The MDC is headed by a director general, appointed by the Ministry at the recommendation of the Board of Directors. The director is the chief executive of the MDC and reports to the minister through the board on all management development activities at the MDC. He is assisted by three technical department, seven technical sections and financial and administrative departments. In pursing management development the MDC uses three inter – related approaches:
1. Research: undertake some practical research to identify experienced problem standing on way to management development and administrative reform.
2. Consultancy: An approach that adopts the technique of problem identification, determining of the causes and developing action plan together with beneficiary organization for improvement.
3. Training: continuously attempting to assist in improving on capacity of employees to perform defined tasks confidently.


Development Centre MDC is development institution keeps pace with update management and contributes to raise the abilities to achieve development in Sudan.


We urge the individuals and institutions to take successful methods and techniques that support requirement of comprehensive development and provide better training and

consulate services with the latest scientific and practical curriculums.